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Chris Tomlin At The Cross Sheet Music

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Chris Tomlin At The Cross Sheet Music introduces us to the essence of modern worship music. Recognized globally, Chris Tomlin stands as a beacon in Christian music, crafting songs that resonate with believers and music enthusiasts alike. "At The Cross": More Than a Song "At The Cross" is not merely a song; it's a declaration [...]

Third Day Soul On Fire

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Third Day's Soul on Fire Sheet Music introduces listeners and performers to the captivating world of Christian rock. Hailing from Georgia, USA, Third Day has cemented their legacy, offering anthems that resonate with faith-driven melodies and lyrics. Soul on Fire: An Anthem of Devotion "Soul on Fire" is more than a musical composition. It is [...]

Francesca Battistelli Holy Spirit

Francesca Battistelli He Knows My Name Sheet Music: A Piano Teacher's Insight
Francesca Battistelli Holy Spirit Sheet Music: A Testament to Worship Music Francesca Battistelli's evocative music serves as a beacon in the worship genre. Her voice, imbued with faith and passion, has touched countless souls across the world. From Pop to Praise Battistelli began with pop-infused tunes but soon discovered her true calling. Now, many revere [...]

Hillsong Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Piano & Vocals

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Hillsong Oceans Sheet Music traces back to Hillsong United, a titan in contemporary Christian music. Hailing from Australia, this band has enraptured global listeners for years. Their deeply resonant lyrics and harmonious tunes not only captivate the heart but also embolden the spirit. With each song, especially hits like "Oceans," they've solidified their legacy in [...]

Kid Ink Be Real Sheet Music: A Modern Hip-Hop Anthem Explained

Kid Ink Be Real Sheet Music: A Modern Hip-Hop Anthem Explained
Kid Ink Be Real Sheet Music unveils a hip-hop gem. A collaboration with singer DeJ Loaf, this track from Kid Ink's "Full Speed" album radiates West Coast vibes. Song's Structure & Musicality Rooted in DJ Mustard's signature style, "Be Real" blends catchy hooks with rhythmic verses. As a piano professional, the song's chord progressions are [...]

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

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This country singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift has done it again with another hit song called Shake It Off. This song is still being features on Billboard charts. Download Original Notes About the Scoring Written by herself, Max Martin and Shellback, this is a 7-page score arranged for piano and voice/vocals in range of G3 […]

Major Lazer – Lean On

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This is an electronic group, which was created by a record producer called Diplo, Major Lazer has gained international recognition with their Lean On hit song. Download Original Notes About The Scoring Written by several composers this is a 4-page score for backup vocals, guitar, piano and voice in the range of Bb3 to Db5. […]

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

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Another rising star – Can’t Feel My Face is yet another hit song by Canadian rapper, singer, composer called The Weeknd, which was released in June 8, 2015. The song was co-written by Max Martin. Download Original Notes About The Score, Sheet Music Notation The tempo of the song is moderate – 108 beats per […]

The Weeknd – Earned it

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This Canadian artist, singer, rapper, songwriter The Weeknd has made his way through with 50 Shades Of Grey and his Earned It sheet music song. Download piano notes and chords. Download Original Notes About the Score, Sheet Music & Notes This is a very slow tempo song of only 40 beats per minute. The song […]

David Guetta – Hey Mama feat. Afrojack, Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha

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David Guetta has been known by making hits in the past decade. But Hey Mama is one of his latest achievements that is featured also on Billboard. Download Original Notes About the Score Written by himself, Nicki Minaj and many other composers, this is an E Minor key song. It has been transposed into +3 […]