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Discovering “Taylor Swift Everything Has Changed Sheet Music”

Discovering "Taylor Swift Everything Has Changed Sheet Music"
"Everything Has Changed" is a harmonious collaboration between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Their voices weave together, telling a tale of newfound love. The piano sheet music captures the song’s essence, allowing pianists to recreate the magical duet. Guitar Enthusiasts Rejoice The song’s acoustic backdrop is a treat for guitarists. The guitar tabs lay out [...]


Restless are the nights of sinners. Unpleasent are the days of transgresors. For what joy can one posess, When dark is all he has. Dear Lord in heaven, hear the cry of this sinner. His path has gone astray And there’s no joy today. Dear Lord in heaven, Have mercy upon this very sinner. Make […]

Brand New Day

Thinking about the steps of past. About the decisions I’ve made. I am glad to admit that my dirty past, Even though rough and hard, it’s been paid. Sometimes it’s hard to start from scratch. Sometimes it’s hard to say you were wrong. And it’s definatelly hard to admit you don’t know. However, doing so […]

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

So bright and live, So strong and might, The Sun can shine, And make us blind. The beauty of the Sun, Since early time. Do you recall, When we had that fun? When Spring kicks in And trees give birth. All I know’s My spirit soars. So let the Sun Shine much more. So I […]