Thinking about the steps of past.
About the decisions I’ve made.
I am glad to admit that my dirty past,
Even though rough and hard, it’s been paid.

Sometimes it’s hard to start from scratch.
Sometimes it’s hard to say you were wrong.
And it’s definatelly hard to admit you don’t know.
However, doing so will make a difference in life.

So, here I am.
I was wrong.
I didn’t know.
But, I do want to!

Knowing this I will look ahead with smile on my face.
Looking forward to new challenges and opportunities.
For God made us in His own image.
Thus capable of enduring more and more.

At the end I want to embrace this day.
For I can say this is a ‘Brand New Day’.
No problem’s too big, no mountain’s too high.
After all, if I happen to cry,
He will look from the above and say:
“My child, don’t cry!”

© Sinej Hlastan, 2013

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