Restless are the nights of sinners.
Unpleasent are the days of transgresors.
For what joy can one posess,
When dark is all he has.

Dear Lord in heaven,
hear the cry of this sinner.
His path has gone astray
And there’s no joy today.

Dear Lord in heaven,
Have mercy upon this very sinner.
Make his burdon light and easy.
’cause he’s already weary.

‘Weak made strong’…
that’s what I heard not too long ago.
I trust the song is true.
But this can only be through You.

Dear Lord, my prayer:
Your love can be a layer.
Let Your mercy reigh and shine,
for You’re the One, true Divine.

And let this prayer, oh Lord in heaven,
give me strenght to endure forever.
Your Word will give peace
in times of storm in restless seas.

© Sinej Hlastan, 2013

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