When it comes to making waves in the music industry, Jack Harlow’s ‘They Don’t Love It’ has taken the charts by storm. This is more than just another catchy tune; it’s a testament to Harlow’s undeniable talent and lyrical prowess.

‘They Don’t Love It’ is an explosion of insightful lyrics and addictive beats that has proven irresistible to fans. The track is a clear showcase of Harlow’s growth as an artist, demonstrating his ability to fuse various musical elements to create a unique sound.

The song has been noted for its raw emotion and relatability. Harlow delves deep into the heart of human experience, echoing sentiments of love, loss, and personal growth. This emotional resonance has helped propel ‘They Don’t Love It‘ to the top of music charts worldwide.

The Story Behind Jack Harlow 'They Don't Love It'

The Story Behind Jack Harlow 'They Don't Love It'

As a leading figure in the hip-hop landscape, Jack Harlow’s ‘They Don’t Love It’ hit song has become a cultural touchstone. Its influence extends beyond the music industry, sparking conversations and inspiring a generation.

The success of ‘They Don’t Love It’ has solidified Jack Harlow’s status as a must-listen artist. His unique blend of rhythm and wordplay has captured the hearts of audiences, offering a fresh perspective on the hip-hop genre.

'They Don't Love It' Music Video

If you’re searching for a song that encapsulates raw emotion, lyrical depth, and innovative musicality, ‘They Don’t Love It’ by Jack Harlow should be at the top of your playlist. This hit song is not just a testament to Harlow’s artistic ability, but also a beacon of the future of hip-hop.


I’ve been smooth for so long
I’m tryna get rough
Fuck buffin’ my nails, dawg, I’m tryna get buff
Fuck shaping my beard up, I’m liking the scruff
And fuck the hills ’cause I’m living my life in the cut
Can’t imagine that I’m gon’ meet my wife in the club
We gon’ see tho’
I feel like she more of a CEO
Or maybe she doing volunteer work in Rio
It’s not like Anitta, but I would love to meet her
Another day, another dollar, another phone with another feature
I don’t play goalie but I’m my brother’s keeper
Surrounded by family I’m not with other people
They say I got my pops demeanor and mother’s features
The garden still private as ever
The gang thriving together
Ya boy striving to be
The most dominant ever
The hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters
And hold the comments
‘Cause I promise you I’m honestly better
Than whoever came to ya head right then
They ain’t cut from the same thread like him
They don’t study doin’ work to get ahead like him
They don’t toss and turn in the fuckin’ bed like him

‘Cause they don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it

I been laid back so long I’m tryna get turnt
Fuck searching my name, dawg, that’s how you get hurt
Fuck being likeable I’m tryna be unbreakable
I just realized that this whole game is takeable
If I want it
And I do, yes, I want it
I don’t care how you feel about it, I do what I wanna
I used to look up to the people that I’m moving in front of
It’s not that crazy anymore, my city used to a come up
Bryson, Jack, Gee
James is up next
The rest is up to me
These lames is upset
My peers get upstaged
The fans are obsessed
My city is upcoming
It’s people are oppressed
And I’m gon’ change things
I’m up at Carmichael’s tryna get on the same page
I heard about the rapper that you claimed was a mainstay
They had a nice run but they never gon’ maintain because

They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it
They don’t love it

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