When talking about Taylor Swift one can not mention The Last Time sheet music for piano which can be downloaded on this page.

Taylor Swift has been active in music since she was a young girl. But in 2006 she actually released her debut album. Initially she was a Country singer and songwriter and later on in her career she decided to try pop/rock style. She did and made her known all over the world.

Taylor Swift – Red Album
In 2012 she released yet another album called Red. Instantly after the release there was a buzz on Social Media that was going to be another success story by this young singer, songwriter and talented musician.

Songs like State of Grace, I Knew You Were Trouble, Begin Again received a lot of attention all over the world and provided another great product by Swift.

It is more the obvious that this young music star will go to the top and since she’s been so active writing great songs we are sure there will be a lot more to be heard by Swift. Can not wait!

Last Time Sheet Music

Taylor Swift Pictorial




Live Performance

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